Flow Fitness Les Mills Scholarship


About the Scholarship

As part of our efforts to give back to the community, Flow Fitness and Les Mills Asia Pacific will jointly sponsor the Initial Module Training for up to 3 selected individuals for FY 2016 to become Les Mills Instructors for Flow Fitness.

Prior to the Initial Module Training, some basic training would be provided to these awardees to equip them with basic language skills and psychomotor skills required for the program. After the Initial Module Training, the awardees are expected to undergo a mentorship and clearance process with Flow Fitness in order to ensure that a high quality of teaching is maintained.

This process of clearance would be about 5-9 months of on-job training. In the process of mentorship, these individuals would be paid a token sum to cover their transportation expenses of up to S$300. After clearance, awardees would be able to start covering classes and would continue to be under supervision for another 3 releases. Suitable awardees could be further recommended to external organizations to be considered as freelance group exercise instructors (GXIs).

Awardees will be required to complete a bond of 100 teaching hours with Flow Fitness. The bond would be non-exclusive and awardees can continue to teach at other external organizations during the period of bond.

About Group Exercise Instructors

Group Exercise Instructors (GXIs) for Les Mils Programs will have a clear progression path. If the individual decides to continues to advance themselves up the Les Mills system, they will have the chance to become national/international presenters or even higher. All certifications are internationally recognized in up to 80 countries worldwide and over 15,000 gyms.


As an instructor with Flow Fitness, GXIs may earn up to $70/hr for their service, depending on the skill grade. They may also be given additional duties such as to be mentors for other instructors, which will allow them to expand their skillsets, and open new job opportunities in the future.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

– Candidates should be Singaporean citizens above the age of 16 years old.

– Candidates should come from families with a monthly household income of $1,900 and below, or a per capita income of $650. Exceptional cases will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

– Candidates should submit all required documents requested for in this form. Applications with incomplete documents will not be processed. Every item in the application form must be completed. Where not applicable, please indicate “NA” or “NIL”.

– All submissions are to be received by 31 October 2016. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by 30 November 2016 (Wed) have to undergo a selection process.

Submission Information

– Candidates may choose either E-Submission or Physical Submission.

– E-Submissions: All candidates may submit the completed application form with the supporting documents in one pdf file to alvin@flowfitness.org.
– Physical Submission: The completed application form together with supporting documents can be mailed to our administrative office at: Attn: Flow Fitness Les Mills Scholarship Application, Flow Fitness, 755 Yishun St 72, #07-236, Singapore 760755

– Application forms that are incomplete or late or without supporting documents will not be considered. Proof of posting will not be accepted as evidence of submission.

The decision of the Selection panel is final. No appeals will be entertained with regard to the awards given.

Application Form

Please download the application form (PDF Format / Microsoft Word Format) here.